2014 AP Music Theory

Question 2.  Look over the melody and begin practicing.  You have 75 seconds to practice.  This is the starting pitch of the printed melody.

(Starting pitch [middle C, alto saxophone], played once for five seconds)

(Pause 75”)

The practice time for the second melody is over. You will have 30 seconds to perform the melody.  Release the pause button and begin your performance now.

(Pause 33”)

The performance time for the second melody is over.  Please press the STOP button on your recorder.

(Pause 2”)

End of Section 2, Part B.  Now please check that your singing was recorded.  Rewind your recording part way and check to see that both melodies have been recorded. Then rewind your recording completely and give it to the proctor.  If your singing was not recorded, the proctor will ask you to perform the melodies again.

The proctor will now press the STOP button.

End of recording.