Chinese Language and Culture 2008 Exam – Relay Telephone Message
N: Imagine you are sharing an apartment with some Chinese friends. You arrive home one day and listen to a message on the answering machine. The message is for one of those friends. You will listen twice to the message. Then relay the message, including the important details, by typing an e-mail to your friend.
WA: 李文,我是小青,張老師讓我通知你,因為明天晚上會下大雪,明天的春節晚會排練改到今天晚上了。我們班的節目從第五個改到第三個,所以你一定要在七點半以前來學校。請你儘快[jǐnkuài] 給我回個電話,我的電話號碼是956-8826。
N: Now listen again.
N: Now type an e-mail to your friend.
(300 seconds)